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Mother, Sweet Mother of mine, From when I was conceived I thought I was thine. When you heard the news that you have conceived, I assumed that I was the biggest blessing you have received. After few days your family took you to a doctor, To know if you are going to have a son or daughter. Knowing it's a daughter there was no sign of laughter, Your family now wanted you to take a call to slaughter. They first made you have a pill, And I thought it was food for my tummy to fill. As I survived this next fluid was injected in, The taste of which was like an awful gin. As I had survived the pill and the fluid that amniotic wall, The pressure was now on you to take a major call. On the operation table you lie under an influence of a drug, Not knowing that soon I would ripped away like an old rug The doctor used scissors to rip my arms and limbs apart, While there was blood still pumped by my heart. Mom why don't you feel the pain that I am going through, Oops I forgot that your numb and there is nothing you can do. Don't worry mom my pain is ending up, Coz even the last bits of me are pulled up. I am not angry with I am not angry with you mom coz there is no fault of yours, You were only doing what was said by your in laws, As I look from above I thank you for killing me in your womb, Coz if I was alive my life would have been a living tomb.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Loneliness, an awful gift given by time, It makes your life bitter and sour as lime. Gives you a feeling of being rejected, And slowly within you depression is injected. No one knows what you are going through, Even if they did, there is nothing they can do. At night in form of tears we let it flow, And often reveal our secrets to the pillow. It takes you far from family and friends, Leading you, to a place with only dead ends. Like a sea that slowly drags you in, Cutting off your oxygen supply from within. It is a top hat which has to fall, Otherwise when life would end you won't know at all. When loneliness hugs you tight, Try hard with all your strength and fight. To release yourself from its hand, Make prayer your magic wand. No one will ever be there for you, You have to help yourself and do what you have to. Just don't let loneliness be by your side, Coz you would drown just as you would in a high tide.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

It's a journey from womb to tomb, In which there is no time to gloom, Happiness is the only success key, For him, her you and me. Life is both pleasure and pain, Only those who smile in both will gain. Sometimes troubles pour like the rain, But then smile is the only way to reduce the pain. Happiness keeps coming your way, Its up to you to grab it or send it away. Smile is a beautiful gift from God our father, So share it with one another.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Smile is a curve that sets things right, A spark, that makes life cheerful and bright. Smile is an attire to be worn by all, To lift us up when in life we fall. Smile will definitely ease your pain, And stop the tears that flow like rain. Smile and make strangers as friends, Who would stand by you even at dead ends. Smile is a battery that charges you up, Just like how a drink fills your cup. Smiles make you have happy life, And would save you from your boring wife. Smile makes other people ponder, How even in difficulty you smile they will wonder. Smile each and everyday, That's when sadness would loose its way. Smile when you still have teeth, Coz when you loose them, you wont even be able to stand on your own feet. Smile a little then for a while, And soon there would be ripples of your smile. Smile for sure will improve your beauty, So be loyal to your smile just as you would to your duty.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Love is a sweet feeling, It even has properties of healing. When the mind is not clear, Love is there to remove all fear. Love is a cure, For all ailments for sure. Love is God's gift, To give life a smooth lift. Love is very dear, For all who accept it with cheer. True love has no reason, And can happen in any season. So just once fall in love, Coz it's a perfect gift from god above.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Positivity is a rich seed, This should be fed in every mind's field. To reap the best crop, Seed of positivity needs to be on top. When seeds of negativity are sown, The result is also negative is a fact well known. But still we involve in so much negativity, And put an end to our own creativity. Some situations create in us negative feelings, But turning them into positive would be the biggest healing. Being positive is a difficult thing, But that's the bell we should always ring.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Its now time to cheer, Coz new year is here. Time to forget the past, And make a new start. Time to remove all sadness, And fill your life with new madness. Time to remove all fears, And move to a life where there are no more tears. Time to forgive all those you hurt you, And give a fresh start like a morning dew. Time to give and time to share, Its time to show that you really care.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

A new day, a new dawn, There is no reason for us to frown. Each day is God's test, To see if we can put in our best. This day is given for us to try, Not to sit, worry and cry. Today is a race so get up and run, Coz this day would pass away as a bullet from a gun. Yesterday is gone and will never come back, So try and put your life on right track. Tomorrow is an unrevealed mystery, This within no time would be history. So let us cheer for today, Coz we may not get to see tomorrow's ray.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Another year has passed by, It's time to bid old year good bye. Embrace the new year with charm and bling, Try and live life as a king. 365 days would soon get over, So put down the pride hangover. This year decide to live life a positive way, In order to have your life shine like sun's rays. Forget the past and start a new dawn, Like a bride that embraces her wedding gown. Keep smiling and face the challenges, And you could win over the battles and dangers. Pledge not to take revenge in your hand, Coz eventually karma will swing its magic wand. Do good and good will come to you, And remove you from all your groove. I wish this year gives you joy, love and peace, Which will last on you like a leech. So begin and end your day by thanking God, And you will be glad to be freed from all your odd's.
-Jenisia Fathima Lasrado

Life is like a flowing river
With ups and downs
That makes it slower or faster
Win or lose the life’s crown.

One can make the journey sweet
With hard days in the beginning
But never let fear make you retreat

From the path of thunder and listening
Life is a continuous Journey
Like the river flowing in hurry

Never weigh it with money
Life is really a short game
That teaches one should play
Enjoy it everyone dumb or tame
And with a smile 'Good Bye you say'

  • Sunil Kumar

I can’t change the past
Nor do I want to
Everyday is a new start
When spent with you
A beautiful journey
A road with no end.
Is what life is
When lived life with a real friend

  • Jasmine Veigas

"Passion" it is not just a word, it is the fuel that keeps us going, that keeps us excited. Nothing great was ever achieved without passion. In order to fulfil your dreams, all you need passion and dedication. It is true that all of us have different dreams and goals. When we follow our dreams with passion that dream will never fail us.

Your true passion is something you wouldn’t mind losing sleep over, that one “thing” you wake up for, that keeps you motivated all day.

When we see life as a journey, there must be a destination to where we are struggling to reach, yes it is true that the journey is not too easy but reaching the destination should be our aim. So, when you follow your passion with dedication everything will become easy.

Don’t get confused. It is not about figuring out what you want to do with your life; instead it's about figuring out who you are and who you want to be.

A life without passion would be a life without purpose. Life without passion would be empty, meaningless, boring and aimless. So, follow your passion, success will follow you. Passion does not need any limits, it's never too late to follow your passion.

In the pursuit of living a comfortable life, somewhere we all are forgetting that the main person we wanted to become. A comfortable life can make you and keep you happy but it will never give that satisfactory feel of achieving the dream. So, follow your passion, make your passion as profession. Ultimately that will be the real meaning of success.

  • Surabhi

"Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some willed that it must" ...and so it is

Life is the manifestation of God. Everyone is responsible for everything in one’s life, the best and the worst. Every thought we think is creating our future. The thought we think and words we speak create our experiences.

What we believe about ourselves and about life becomes true for us. It means our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose and believe. The universal power never judges or criticizes us. It only accepts us at our own values. Then it reflects our beliefs in our lives.

"I never do anything right", "It is my fault" "If I get angry, I am a bad person." "Nobody cares for me,"" beliefs like these create a frustrating life.

All events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment have been created by your thoughts and beliefs you held in the past. Self-approval now is the key to positive changes.


  • Diana Gloria Denis